The mission of new hope is to provide treatment and education to the dependent person their families and significant others.


The main goals of our center are:-


  • Educate and treat each client on the disease of addiction with a safe confidential and medically supervised treatment.
  • Assist family members and significant others in understanding the disease of addiction and the necessary step to achieve ongoing recovery.
  • Assist each client in improving the quality of his relationship, careers, social, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.
  • To make more and more awareness regarding drug and alcohol addiction.
  • To develop link with local school and youth to aware them by providing education workshop.
  • To link the youngmen to our culture.
  • To constructor create de-intoxications society.
  • To make arrangment for the study of the poor and helpless children.

Join Our Mission to Have a Change in the Society for Needyones.