Admission Process : We understand that drug and alcohol rehab admission can be intimidating and stressful for you .Here at the NEW HOPE we will do ever very best to make the admission process as quick ,efficient and as friendly as possible .


Admission requirement for our addiction rehab :


You should be physical and mentally able to participate in daily activities if you are concerned with nay physical or mental disability , please contact one of our rehab staff member . You must be willing to make our treatment program rules and regulation. You must be willing to follow the treatment plan develop by our team or counselors.


What to bring to our rehab :


All prescribed
medication Regular
cloths Toiletries


Family Advice


Drug and alcohol addiction negatively impacts the user and their family. Often times, it is up to the family member to take the initial steps necessary to getting their loved one into alcohol and drug rehab. The transition to rehab is not always easy. It may take courage, determination and patience. Your loved one may be so deep in their drug or alcohol addiction that they may not want help. They may not even believe they have an alcohol or drug problem. It may take a few members of the family coming together to have an intervention and confront a loved one about their alcohol or drug abuse.


The good news is that family members can have the most influence over an addict. As long as they come from a place of love, concern and compassion, a spouse or a parent may have the power to convince a loved one they have a problem. Getting a loved one into a drug and alcohol rehab program me is the best way to help them break free from their addiction and begin to rebuild their lives.


At The NEW HOPE , we understand the important role that family plays in getting a loved one into rehab. Rehab is the path to recovery. That is only the place where you get the solution of you problems regarding drugs.

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