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Our Testimonials

1.) I was suffering due to strong alcoholic tendencies . I realized that my way of life was very destructive and harming to not only myself, but those I love. New Hope drug rehab centre was able to offer a program that was tailored to not just my addiction, but also to my lifestyle. The staff, facilities and atmosphere was very warm and comforting. There is one-on-one treatment. The make me re-enter my world with a completely new positive outlook on life.
Mr Lal Singh (retd Indian Navy )
From Tarn taran

2.) Thank you for saving my life. I was so grateful for every thing you did for me there. You have a amazing programs. I had no hope of ever getting will until I came there. After stayed there for four months this centre gives the new direction to my life. God bless you all!
Mr Bhajan Singh From Ludhiana

3.) It was very difficult for us as a parents that our adult son was walking down the path of addiction. Your centre help to understand my sons abuse problem of addiction. We are so thankful our son get admitted at New Hope drug rehab. We went there for family weakened meetings in which we meet with our son and therapist. We are very much satisfied with their services and good behavior.
Hony Capt Mr B.M Sharma (Father of patient)
From Gurdaspur

4.) Overall I strongly recommend New Hope rehab as the stepping stone. The staff, the program, the group and mainly from my experience the way this center is working on 24hrs basis. It is not easy going to any type of rehabilitation center. But if you have the courage and strength New Hope is the place where you can go for any kind of drug treatment and you will get your recovery. Dr Munish Khanna
M.D (Gold Medalist)
As Advisor

5.) I am recovering drug addiction. I started drinking heavily and abusing drugs when I was 22yrs. I did not realize what happening to me and soon I was in the grip of addiction. I use to take every day my mind is not in my control to stop using this. My whole family was disturb and I was disrespected in front of them. Then I was admitted to New Hope drug rehab. There I have seen the people like me. In this center I have spent 5 months the staff and doctors make me realize the bad effects of drugs. From this rehab I again gain the strength to live the life in positive way. I am very thankful for the important role they have played in my life.
Sandeep Singh.
From Kapurathala

6.) Firstly I thank every one of you for all your support to make me enable once again. At my teen age 18 I use to go with my friends for fun and enjoy in the parties from there I was taking beer and little bit of drugs also. Slowly slowly I make my self very much involved in this. I have even spoiled my education career because that is time when I have to concentrate. Then my parents took me at New Hope drug addiction centre. There I have taken the treatment for addiction I have stayed there for 4 months. The rehab taught me to face life in lifes term and emerge a winner. After coming out from the rehab I realize that there was no shame to admitted that I am an alcoholic. I felt that on the road of recovery and maintaining my society people start me respecting me more and they were more open than me before.
Jaswinder singh
From Jalandhar

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