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The drug addiction stories are based on true or real events .These drug addiction stores are important because they tell stories of people experiencing the horror of a drug and alcohol addiction. We are telling you the really story about Mr Kawaljeet Singh and Mr Gurjeet Singh who have badly suffer from drug addiction . Drug addicts are not necessarily bad people but rather victims of their illness.

The both were face the family stress and social anxiety. They have not get the job due to that they become finical weak and having the load of their family how to they make them survive . In ups and downs of their life somewhere they have also loss their self confidence and control. They tend to blame their problems on those around them, including friends, co-workers, and loved ones. After to become demoralize people suggest to get their treatment so they came at our addiction centre New Hope .Where they have take the treatment for 4 months and now their view point regarding their life become entirely change. They have now become Amritdharis happily live their life . In this way you can say they are the grate example for our society that if you are having the will then you cant only change yourself you can change the world .

Drugs & Drug Addictor

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