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Who We Are


Booze, Drink, Inebriation, Intoxication or Stimulation is fatal or killer aliment or disease for the people of Universe, World, Civility or humanking:we have watched there coming from U.S.A. that some one has been fighting against has hold fast to humanity that is `NEW HOPE De-Intoxicating Centre'.Mr. Palwinder Singh Sandhu is its director.Wemet some bibuluos,drunkard and imtemperate persons during our stay of two weeks in India. They are riviving their life and have been getting resucitation or renovation. Mr. Palwinder Singh Sandhu is a didicated to serve the humanity, optimist, indefatigable or untiring and industrious, laborious or painstaking young man. He has made known to the many youngmen about the deady, destructive fatal, lethal or motal effects of the intoxication and teach them to be healty and to spend their new-style pious and smooth life. He has arranged blood donation camp many times and have saved so many precious life of the humankind, he remains always ready to help the needy. He has cause to be done marriage of the many poor girls and needy. Many youngmen because they are unemployed enter in the bog, marsh or swamp of the intoxicating due to the irony ,satire, sarcasm taunt chiding or reproaching of their family members and the bad company of the idlers. Mr. Palwinder Singh Sandhu has treated them good way and taught them handy works or manufacturing with their own making people careful against intoxication in the street, localities, wards and bazzars and markets of the cities and villages. We congratulation to Mr.Palwinder Singh sandhu who is running ' NEW HOPE De-intoxicating Centre ' on behalf of her sister cites Deligation and we also pray to God that he may get success to reforms towards humanity.

Drugs & Drug Addictor

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